Japan Meteorological Agency Adds to Global Warming Statistics

December 18, 2008 / No Comments

grey glacier lago grey Japan Meteorological Agency Adds to Global Warming StatisticsThe Japan Meteorological Agency has some new global warming statistics. According to the agency, the pace of global warming appears to be slowing.

“The average temperature in the world in 2008 registering a rise of 0.2 degree Celsius compared with the average rise between 1971 and 2000.”

Even so, it was the 10th largest margin of increase from benchmark average established in 1891.

The slow down was attributed to the La Nina phenomenon. This year’s margin of increase was the lowest since 2001. Japan’s margin was .44 C lower than last year.

JMA computes the averages of 1,200 locations throughout the world and compares it to wherever historical data are available.

My bet is that people living in the NorthEast of the US would like to get a little more out of the global warming monster these days, if they could, eh?

Source: Breitbart
Image: Grey glacier, Lago Grey in Patagonia. By Steve Deger