Solar-Powered Street Lamp and Lawn Mower

December 23, 2008 / 1 Comment

Sanyo Electric is the world’s largest Li-ion secondary battery maker. At Eco-Products 2008, Sanyo introduced a street lamp that operates on solar power. The lamp stores power generated when the sun is up, then uses a built in capacitor for illuminating at night. This strategy along with low-power white LEDs is becoming the trend. Sanyo hopes to replace the lead batteries in use with current solar-powered lamps with Li-ion secondary batteries win 2-3 years.

eco street lamo Solar Powered Street Lamp and Lawn Mower

Meanwhile, Fuji Heavy displayed a rechargeable lawn mower that also uses a Li-ion secondary battery module. The lawn mower (disguised as a weed cutter) can be charged in about 60 minutes. It used to take me about six minutes to cut my lawn with a pair of scissors. Seriously! My lawn was that small.

eco lawn mower Solar Powered Street Lamp and Lawn Mower

Now we can mow our grass at night and not use any fossil fuels, eh?