10 New Amphibian Species Discovered in Colombia

February 4, 2009 / No Comments

And, who says the Creator doesn’t have a sense of humor? Or, a sense of variety for that matter?

There was a certain Zoology professor who challenged his class to create a new creature. The group came up with a horse that could fly, climb trees, change color and dive.

The prof failed them. “You all didn’t create a new creature, you just rearranged the creatures we already have.”

In Colombia, ten new amphibian species were discovered – three kinds of poisonous frogs and three transparent-skinned glass frogs were found. One new salamander was discovered. Lose some, find some, perhaps. It doesn’t mean that new species were made, just that we finally found them.

The nymphargus genus –

nymphargus genus 10 New Amphibian Species Discovered in Colombia

Nymphargus Genus

The pristimantis genus –

pristimantis genus 10 New Amphibian Species Discovered in Colombia

Pristimantis Genus

What’s the big deal about amphibians?  Amphibians have permeable skin which is exposed directly to the elements. The critters can offer early warnings about the impact of environmental degradation and climate change.

So, what’s it mean when we are finding new such friends?