Cactus Skyscraper in Qatar, Modern Offices

March 19, 2009 / No Comments

qatar cactus skyscraper 1 Cactus Skyscraper in Qatar, Modern Offices

A relatively new science that studies nature and its perfectness, biomimicry is catching on big time in the architecture domain. And the latest to transform a fleshy design into steel and concrete are the folks at Bangkok-based Aesthetics Architects. The company is in charge for designing and building the new office for the Minister of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture (MMAA) in Qatar. Hence they have given a blueprint that rivals every cactus in the country, in terms of sheer size and grandeur.

qatar cactus skyscraper 2 Cactus Skyscraper in Qatar, Modern Offices

To take shape in the dry and arid Qatar, the building is shaped much like a prickly cactus that does all it can to keep the sun out and store the water. The structure uses sun shades on its windows, which can open or close to keep out the heat as per the requirements throughout the day or night.

Since the days get really hot and nights are pretty cold, the technology helps regulate the temperature inside. This sure saves a hell lot of money, but its is the energy it saves that makes the cactus skyscraper an amazing— as money is not an issue, especially considering Qatar has the highest GDP in the world.

Does it beat the wind-powered rotating skyscraper in Dubai? What do you think?

Via: Design Boom