Japanese Swimsuits and Global Warming

April 22, 2009 / No Comments

bathing suit Japanese Swimsuits and Global WarmingApparently Daimaru department store is all for global warming. The hotter it is the more they sell … swimming suits that is.

I suppose, in a pitch FOR global warming, Daimaru is selling swim suits in Japan 6 weeks EARLIER this year than normal. What’s up with that?

It seems to me that for good or for bad, everyone is trying to capitalize on the global warming trend hype in one way or another. Or, am I just being over sensitive?

Maybe there is nothing wrong with department stores putting their wares out earlier and earlier each year. Maybe that’s it. I mean, who could object to seeing Japanese girls in bathing suits more and more throughout the year, right?

But, seriously. Are companies taking advantage of the global warming trend news? What do you think?

Image by idua_Japan