Antarctic Sea Ice is Growing Thanks to Ozone Layer

April 28, 2009 / 2 Comments

I was confused before. I am even more confused now.

Researchers are saying that Antarctic sea ice is growing rather than melting thanks to the hole in the ozone layer. And here we thought the hole was going to let too much heat in.

ozone effect antarctic sea ice is increasing Antarctic Sea Ice is Growing Thanks to Ozone Layer

Ozone Effect: Antarctic Ice is Increasing

The frozen seas surrounding the South Pole have increased at the rate of 100,000 square kilometer a decade over the last 40 years. Scientists think there are stronger surface winds over Antarctica and more frequent storms in the Southern Ocean because of the whole in the ozone hole but resulting in more ice.

Ozone effect: Antarctic sea ice is increasing. Ozone hole— delayed the impact of greenhouse gases there.

sea ice in antarctica Antarctic Sea Ice is Growing Thanks to Ozone Layer

Antarctic sea ice is increasing. The Ozone hole delayed the impact of greenhouse gases

just so as we don’t get our hopes up, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and NASA is warning the ozone hole is only delaying the impact of greenhouse gases on the climate of the continent. Give me a break!

If ozone levels recover over the next 100 year, weather patterns will return to normal and Antarctic sea ice will shrink rapidly. Then we’ll cry global warming again! Can’t win for trying here.

Professor John Turner of BAS, said: ‘Its quite ironic that the continent directly beneath the ozone hole is the one seemingly least affected.

‘While there is increasing evidence that the loss of sea ice in the Arctic has occurred due to human activity, in the Antarctic human influence through the ozone hole has had the reverse effect and resulted in more ice.

‘Although the ozone hole is in many ways holding back the effects of greenhouse gas on the Antarctic, this will not last, and we expect ozone levels to recover by the end of the 21st Century.

‘By then there is likely to be around one third less Antarctic sea ice.’

In other words, the scientists don’t know what is going on. Or, can’t realize that this amazing home we call Earth is able to make tremendous adaptations to the many burdens we place upon it.

Professor Turner said, ‘We have finally solved the mystery of why we are not seeing the same degree of warming that we have seen around the rest of the world.

‘Understanding how polar sea ice responds to global change, whether human induced or as part of a natural process, is really important if we are to make accurate predictions about the Earth’s future climate.’

Dr Ted Maksym, who is also involved in the research said it would be wrong to conclude that growing sea ice meant global warming was under control. Yeah! Do NOT, I repeat do NOT do anything to subdue global warming hype!

He said: ‘You have to be quite ambivalent about whether these findings are good news or bad news.

Huh!? (me)

‘What we are trying to do is explain why there has been the pattern of ice growing when everyone was expecting it to have started shrinking by now.

‘Our research answers part of the puzzle as to why the ice has not changed much. It’s worth bearing in mind it’s a relatively small amount of growth.’

Their research does nothing but confuse those who will insist on man-caused global warming and the dire predictions of the end of the world. As for me, I can see a clear balance in how the Earth compensates. After all, that’s how the Earth was designed.