The all-purpose anti-anthrax product is here

June 1, 2009 / No Comments

The first all-purpose anti-anthrax product is ready. A remarkable anti-microbial pesticide, it is claimed to get rid of anthrax spores on any clean, hard surfaces.

anti anthrax pesticide The all purpose anti anthrax product is here

The new product, which has been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is a substance that can decontaminate buildings, vehicles, ships, and devices infected with anthrax spores. More to it, this also means that anthrax being used as a biological weapon, especially by terrorists, could be tackled.

A dangerous disease that can infect both humans and animals, if untreated, anthrax is often fatal.

The US Environmental Protection Agency said, in a press release, that it had approved the first registration (or, license), of an anti-microbial pesticide product to deactivate anthrax spores on hard surfaces. It will be manufactured by Clean Earth Technologies.

If the anti-anthrax pesticides available so far were only authorized for emergency use, it looks like we may have, hopefully, a product that will protect troops, equipment, buildings as well as civilians.

[via TreeHugger] Photo via Stanford