Electric Bike Adorns Your iPhone in the Dash

June 11, 2009 / No Comments

MotoCzysz E1pc— The new iPhone release has certainly created a lot of hubbub in the gadget world but the world of mean green machines isn’t spared either. While we are utterly pleased to know about an all-electric motorcycle participating in the TTXGP race this Friday, what makes it special is its dashboard — thoroughly integrated iPhone.

motoczysz e1pc electric superbike Electric Bike Adorns Your iPhone in the Dash

MotoCzysz E1pc - the electric superbike

Confused as we are, it is difficult to understand how all the functions of the dash are relayed through an iPhone (definitely there are no applications available), the only reasonable conclusion being that of the GPS usage.

This superbike, dubbed the MotoCzysz E1pc, has nothing suspicious when it comes to green credentials. It brings into use ten lithium-ion battery backs in combination with three electric motors together mounted on a carbon fiber main frame.

Despite a regular engine missing, the given set-up helps the superbike pelt from zero to 120 mph in eight seconds.

It would be interesting to see how a zero emission bike fares on the famous Isle of Man Mountain Course. We are not saying that it would be a definite winner, but the green technology it embraces makes it one champion even before the checkered flag is raised.

motoczysz e1pc electric super bike Electric Bike Adorns Your iPhone in the Dash

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