US House of Representatives passes ‘historic’ climate change Bill

June 28, 2009 / 1 Comment

The United States House of Representatives has passed legislation to cut industrial pollution that is mainly blamed for global warming. The House, controlled by the Democrats, passed the climate change Bill by a vote of 219-212. 

6167 US House of Representatives passes ‘historic’ climate change Bill

New Energy Bill

The vote was mostly partisan, with just 8 Republicans joining the Democrats in favor of the Bill and 44 Democrats voting against it. The climate change Bill will now go to the Senate.

President Barak Obama, for whom the climate change Bill was a top priority, praised the House of Representatives for taking  “historic action” and requested the Senate to act likewise. The Bill, the President asserted, was “a bold and necessary step” in order to create new industries and millions of new jobs as well as to reduce the nation’s “dangerous dependence” on foreign oil.

The climate change Bill stipulates that large companies based in the United States – including utilities, oil refiners, manufacturers and others – cut emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse-gases 17% by 2020 and 83% by 2050, from the 2005 levels. These companies are required to do so by using, in phases, cleaner alternative energy instead of the highly polluting oil and coal.

The Bill has at its core a “cap and trade” program designed to achieve the emissions-reductions by industry. According to this plan, the government will reduce the number of pollution permits being issued to companies. The companies can sell those permits to each other as needed.