General Electric making gadgets to cut power use in homes

July 15, 2009 / 1 Comment

In an effort to reduce electricity consumption, General Electric Company is going to combine energy-efficient lighting and energy-efficient appliances with energy management systems and renewable power generators. The systems – named ‘Net Zero Energy Home’ – involves photovoltaic cells and thin-film solar cells as well as advanced energy storage products that help save energy.

General Electric General Electric making gadgets to cut power use in homes

General Electric said in a press release that it is working with utility and government partners to help improve the power grid – “which has not changed much since the days of Thomas Edison” – in ways that will not cause consumers to “compromise their lifestyles.”

The company is making the ‘home energy manager’ which informs consumers about real-time pricing of their electricity use. This way the consumers can decide whether to run appliances like washers and driers that consume a lot of power. The gadget will be available in 2010.

General Electric also is set to launch ‘smart thermostats’ that are intended to help consumers save on power bills.  Many companies are making home energy management systems, which, according to experts on energy, will make the transmission system more efficient by making power generators  “communicate” with consumers in a better way.

Source: Reuters

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