FedEx and UPS Battling For Green Rankings

September 28, 2009 / No Comments

ups fedx FedEx and UPS Battling For Green RankingsFedEx and UPS are both major package carriers/shippers, and this time around they are not just battling for business share and growth, but also to beat the other in sustainability targets.

Going green also makes business sense as a number of consumers and clients choose to go with the service offering a lower carbon footprint.

To that end, both are vehemently trying to reduce their carbon footprint, and setting new goals like the 20% reduction of carbon both of them have promised to achieve by 2020.

UPS claims to have a broader and more accurate measurement of its carbon footprint. It includes its buildings, trucks, trains, planes, electricity usage and even the fuel burnt by its contractors. FedEx on the other hand, leaves out the emissions from its contractors as they aren’t necessarily a part of the company. Both try to route packages through the most efficient transport, and are working on cleaner technologies for their road going vehicles. While FedEx favors hybrids, UPS has tested a number of vehicles including hybrids, CNG, Liquid Natural Gas, propane and hybrid-hydraulic.

UPS appears to have an edge in its planes which are younger, more efficient and make less noise. And they continue to retire those that have gone old. FedEx on its part, is following the same route, and it also developed retrofit hushkit program that reduces noise and emissions. As of now, UPS appears to have the edge with a Number 85 spot on Newsweek’s green ranking, while FedEx is at 93.

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