New York City Introduces Electric Buses

December 7, 2009 / No Comments

nyc electricbus New York City Introduces Electric Buses

London recently brought electric buses into their public transport system, and NY seems to be following close behind. The new buses use a turbine engine recharging a lithium-ion battery. Inside, there are 37 seated spots and at least twice as much standing ones. There are already three buses roaming Manhattan and Brooklyn, and more are expected to be in circulation by the end of 2010.

The new buses are being received well by the customers of the public transport, but they’re also meeting some criticism. Some people are expressing concern that the city should fix its roads before investing in new vehicles for them, as the rides are very uncomfortable and bumpy because of this right now.

Still, electric buses are a huge step in the right direction. One thing that’s curious about those, is that they’re manufactured in New Zealand – considering that the company’s HQ is in the US, and that there are plenty of vehicle manufacturers in the US, it’s funny why they’d choose to outsource their manufacturing to another country. But it doesn’t matter that much when the quality of the buses is excellent, and NY should be in for a lot of such treats in the near future.

[ Via Inhabitat ]

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