YoGen Charges Your Phone With Your Own Energy

December 7, 2009 / No Comments

Easy Energy YoGen hand powered electric charger hand 270x189 YoGen Charges Your Phone With Your Own Energy

Solar chargers are great for those who enjoy camping a lot and generally spending lots of time in nature. However, they’re not always practical – sometimes you’re indoors, others it’s cloudy and you can’t get enough solar power for your needs. So what do you do then? The answer is YoGen – this nifty little device allows you to generate power by pulling a ripcord continuously, just like you start the engine of a motorboat.

Of course, don’t expect to sit on the phone for hours on end with this – it will probably be enough to generate power for a short call when you need it, but that’s about it. Easy Energy, the creators of the product, are also currently developing YoGen Max, which is aimed at laptop users, and uses your feet instead – you generate power by pressing a pedal continuously.

Such inventions can go a long way towards a better environment. While they don’t dramatically change our lives and revolutionize energy by themselves, together they’re forming a huge movement in the right direction.

[ Via CNET ]

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