Obama’s Speech at Copenhagen Disappoints the Public

December 18, 2009 / No Comments

obama 1535162c Obamas Speech at Copenhagen Disappoints the Public

Obama was very confident when he entered the final hours of the Copenhagen summit, stating that the world could act “boldly and decisively” on the matter. However, after giving his speech, the public was all but impressed, and actually expressed severe disappointment.

Obama seemed highly irritated as he came up before the world’s leaders, and from his speech it wasn’t clear that there are any plans to reduce emissions, or to finance poor countries, not counting Hillary Clinton’s announcement of spending $100 billion global funds to support developing nations in their adaptation to climate change.

Obama stated that he’ll do what he promised, but there isn’t any evidence to support his claims, making that statement sound somewhat shallow – and the public were quick to express how let down they were. Obama went further and actually warned African states that if the current agreement seems weak to them the later option (no agreement at all) would surely be worse  – while we’re not sure what he expected with such a statement, we can’t help but wonder what made him express it publicly.

[ Via Guardian ]