First Solar Opens Power Plant in California

December 21, 2009 / 1 Comment

FirstSolarNRG 610x505 First Solar Opens Power Plant in California

First Solar, a company that produces solar modules, just opened the largest photovoltaic solar power station in California on Monday. The company have announced plans to replicate this technology, in order to grow its utility business to a larger extent.

The plant was purchased from energy developer NRG and is located in Blythe, California. It will have an output of 21 megawatts, which should be enough to power about 17,000 households. The company will be providing electricity to Southern California Edison on terms of a 20-year contract.

First Solar also have other projects going that are aimed at expanding the company’s utility supply business. The company secured a deal to provide Pacific Gas & Electric last week, through a 48-megawatt plant in California. The company’s executives are very confident in their skills to take their company to the next level, as is evident by their public statements – and we’ll see if they can hold to their words. They certainly have the advantage of producing the cheapest and most efficient solar panels on the market, so that’s a good start.

[ Via CNET ]