Panasonic to Work With Tesla on EV Batteries

January 7, 2010 / No Comments

Tesla Roadster 270x404 Panasonic to Work With Tesla on EV Batteries

About a month ago, Panasonic’s president, Fumio Ohtsubo, made an announcement that the company has plans to invest $1 billion in developing green technologies. It seems that not only was he serious, he actually already had solid plans in mind.

Panasonic will be working together with Tesla Motors to develop nickel-based lithium ion battery cells for use in electric vehicles, which was revealed in a simultaneous announcement by both companies made today.

It seems like a perfect combination – Tesla are already doing very well testing cells and they have a perfect understanding of the requirements of a standard electric vehicle – while Panasonic can provide battery technology that is always ahead of everyone else. The result should hopefully be custom cells made specifically for use in EVs.

Collaborations like this one are exactly what the market needs today to produce high-quality and efficient products, so we can surely say we’re happy to hear of it.

[ Via CNET ]