Apple to Use Solar Cells to Power the iPod?

January 22, 2010 / 1 Comment

apple2006 610x406 Apple to Use Solar Cells to Power the iPod?

Apple have been known for trying out various green technology – now, it seems they’re looking into new ways to power the iPod – with solar cells integrated into it. This was revealed by a patent application, showing solar cells used in an iPod.

The solar powering system is called the “Power Management Circuitry and Solar Cells”, and has been in development since August 2008. It seems that it’s not the first idea for a solar-powered device developed by Apple though – in 2006, there was an application for a similar, but more general patent – “Solar Cells on Portable Devices”. It can easily be linked to some engineers working on the iPod.

The patent from 2006 displays a small-sized device with attached transparent solar cells. The more recent patent is about the management of power between multiple solar cells – so that the system can decide whether there’s enough power to charge the battery while powering the device as well.

[ Via CNET ]