Bridge House is all Beauty

January 29, 2010 / No Comments

bridge house Bridge House is all Beauty

Architect Max Ptitchard’s Bridge House has it all; a great location, beautiful looks, and a low carbon footprint. Designed like a bridge, the house is located across a ‘Billabong’ creek on a rocky bank. The picturesque location reinforces the idea behind the construction, that of “living amongst the trees in an almost untouched beautiful setting.”

The Bridge House avoids any air conditioning. It is so constructed that the long sides of the house face north and south. During winters, the sun heats the black insulated concrete floor that stores heat for reradiating at night. In case additional heating is required, a small wood combustion heater fueled by timber grown sustainably in the surroundings can be put to use.

Pressed steel screens shade the windows to avoid heating of the floor in summers. Double glazed windows are helpful during the summer as well as the winter. Rainwater is harvested from the roof, photovoltaic cells from an adjacent shed fulfill the power needs, and waste water is sent 100 meters away from the creek to keep it from getting polluted. The house cost AU$ 220,000 to complete.

Source:, PSFK