SolBAT Charges Batteries by the Power of Sun

February 8, 2010 / No Comments

solbat II SolBAT Charges Batteries by the Power of Sun

The solBAT II is a device that promises to make charging your gadgets more environmentally friendly. Well, instead of hooking on to the grid, the solBAT II lets you tap on the abundant solar energy to charge your gadgets. The basic idea is quite simple, and has been used in a number of similar devices. Solar panels on the top of the solBAT harness solar power and charge an included battery.

Once this battery is charged, you can use it to power your gadgets like mobile phones and music players. It is a pocket sized gadget, making it easy to carry around. When the device is charging, a red light comes up, and when it is charging another device, a green light comes up on the solBAT.

The device comes with lithium ion batteries with a capacity of 1500mA and an output of 5 Volts. To make charging easier, the package includes suction cups for a car’s windshield, and a carabiner for the backpack. solBAT II sells for $30.

Source: Scosche, Gearlog