Fair Energy Clock Makes Things Easier, Saves Energy

February 12, 2010 / No Comments

fair energy clock1 Fair Energy Clock Makes Things Easier, Saves Energy

There has been a fair amount of worry over the large amount of electricity/ energy lost to vampire power. While the name sounds cool, it is also responsible for the loss of precious energy and increase in power bills. A lot of this happens because most of use are either too lazy to unplug the appliances once their job is done, or we simply forget to do the unplugging part. That’s where the Fair Energy Clock steps in.

As most devices need to work for only set periods of time or at regular intervals, you can set a fixed time for their use of power by using this clock. You just need to select the activate and inactivate times, plug the gadget into the clock, which in turn connects to the outlet.

When at the inactivate time, the clock simply cuts off all energy to the connected appliance. You may of course, select the clock to reconnect at any time, or as often as required. The Fair Energy Clock is an entry at the Greener Gadgets Design Competition.

Source: Greener Gadgets