British Airways Turns to City Waste for Fuel

February 15, 2010 / No Comments

british airways biofuel from waste British Airways Turns to City Waste for Fuel

British Airways will soon start using fuel sourced from municipal waste. According to a deal British Airways signed with US based biofuel company Solena Group, by 2014, a portion of the jet fuel required by the airways will be sourced from municipal waste. Likely to be located in London, the plant will produce 16 million gallons of green jet fuel by using 500,000 tons of waste annually.

The new, greener jet fuel is expected to reduce greenhouse emissions when compared to conventional jet fuel, and as is evident, it will also rid the city of large amounts of waste. London produces nearly three million tons of organic waste, mainly from food. Municipal waste, when allowed to rot in landfills and dumps, produces methane gas. This project aims to turn the same into liquid fuel, and use it to power jets.

According to the deal, the volume of biofuel obtained will be just 2% of British Airways use at Heathrow airport. The airlines though, intends to increase the volume to 10% by 2050.

Source: Reuters