AT&T’s ZERO Charger Fights off Vampire Power

March 17, 2010 / No Comments

att zero charger AT&Ts ZERO Charger Fights off Vampire Power

The large amount of power and money we lose to vampire power is startling, and it is good to see that some serious work is finally being done in the direction to prevent this huge waste of power. While things like the Fair Energy Clock could help fight off the problem, the clock happens to be mechanical, and would possibly require a lot of human intervention. That is where the ZERO charger from AT&T scores, it does not require any human intervention to cut off vampire power.

This eco-friendly charger automatically looks for connected devices, and if none is found, it disconnects to minimize energy wastage. Since it does its work without any human intervention, it is a lot more effective; because if we were quite willing to unplug devices ourselves, vampire energy wouldn’t have been such a problem in the first place. A USB connector in the charger ensures that its compatibility to a number of gadgets. AT&T plans to release the charger in May.

Source: GeekSugar

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