Tiny Desalination Device Cleans Water, Isn’t Energy Hungry

March 25, 2010 / No Comments

micro desalination chip Tiny Desalination Device Cleans Water, Isnt Energy Hungry

The oceans are a vast reserve of water, but the costs associated with desalination are always a deterrent. That the process is energy hungry doesn’t make things better in the least. Scientists at MIT though, may have a solution in a tiny package. Scientists have developed a small device, about the same size as a postage stamp, and have managed to get clean water with 99% purity.

The small device uses small amount of energy, and could potentially run on solar power. It is for most part a desalination device, as the name suggests, but it is also incredibly effective in removing biological contaminants. According to scientists, an 8-inch wide array could provide four gallons of clean water every hour, while consuming little power and providing a number of people with clean water.

Large scale versions of the device could be put to use for greater supply of water, and scientists are already working on commercial deployment of the device. A commercial system may be available in just two years, and could contain an array of 10,000 units.

Source: PSFK