Solar Charger Provides Light, Charges Gadgets

April 7, 2010 / 3 Comments

The Solar Pebble design offers a lot, so to say, it makes portable solar chargers really a pragmatic option. The design has been basically created as a humanitarian product for rural Africa, but its features make it fit for any place the sun shines at.
solar pebble Solar Charger Provides Light, Charges Gadgets
The Solar Pebble is the work of Plus Minus Design Ltd, UK, who claim that the cheap solar power option will be a real product in June this year. Basically, the device has solar panels to capture energy and store it in a battery. The stored energy lights up an LED light ring in the dark, and its batteries could also be used to charge gadgets like mobile phones.
solar pebble 2 Solar Charger Provides Light, Charges Gadgets

Quite interestingly, the device is portable and comes with a ratchet that could allow it to be carried on a backpack. It sounds all good, except that we cannot help being cynical about this one. Much like the Muzatech solar charger, it offers a lot for too little a price, it is supposed to be dirt cheap, and unless they have figured out a great way to beat contemporary solar chargers, the actual product may not live up to its claims.

Source: YankoDesign