Luzinterruptus: Tiny Vertical Gardens in a Packing

April 14, 2010 / No Comments

Green space is what modern cities lack the most, and probably need the most. Madrid based street art team Luzinterruptus took up the issue in a very artistic and interesting way. The team put up several small, packaged boxes to remind the city that it needed green spaces, and vertical gardens were not the only way to go.
vertical packaging garden1 Luzinterruptus: Tiny Vertical Gardens in a Packing
Luzinterruptus used 110 transparent food packaging containers that were filled with leaves and branches found from the trees in the area. Each of the packages had self-contained lights to illuminate them from within. Thus creating the overall effect of art, a catchy garden, and getting the message across.

The Vertical Packaging Garden is presented as a garden for the not-too distant future. The team, as mentioned before, are not too fond of expensive to maintain vertical gardens and would rather see green spaces that function as the social zones they once used to be.

Source: Luzinterruptus, designboom