Magic Charger: A Power Generating Rubik’s Cube

April 14, 2010 / No Comments

The Rubik’s Cube has existed for long as a frustrating puzzle, but if designer Zheng Weixi’s concept becomes real, the cube could also generate power. That would perhaps be a little victory for people who spend hours trying to solve the cube but reach nowhere.
magic charger Magic Charger: A Power Generating Rubiks Cube
In terms of looks, the concept shows just two colors, making puzzle solving like the conventional Rubik’s cube quite unlikely. Let us assure you though, it is very much like the traditional cube, only, you don’t have to match the colors but the engraved patterns or symbols instead.

Power generation is done by harnessing the human energy. The more you play with the cube, the more you twist and turn it, the more power it generates. Electromagnetic induction comes into play and charges up the batteries. You can pull up a face of the cube to reach the USB charger. All said and done, the question remains how efficient this can be, and could you really charge a gadget with the few twists and turns.

Source: YankoDesign

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