Bio-Hydrogen Airship could be transportation reality by 2030

May 10, 2010 / No Comments

Hindenburg may be the only craft hitting one’s mind at the slightest mention of airships from day’s bygone, but you need to check out Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut’s, Hydrgenase airship to get an idea of just how green would be our future transportation systems by as early as 2030.

airship Bio Hydrogen Airship could be transportation reality by 2030

Hydrogenase is a vertical aircraft with a height of 1,300 feet. The aircraft is layered with large bio-hydrogen-filled mattresses covered with flexible photovoltaic cells and an entire array of helium-filled balloons that are wrapped with a double-layer of waterproof, fireproof, glazed canvas. The helix shaped aerodynamic design along with the turbo propellers that sit in the wings of the air craft, help the vessel reach an altitudinal height of 6,500 feet at a top speed of 110 Mph while carrying a heavier cargo.

The organic seaweed farm which remains afloat on the surface of the sea help power the aircraft by producing bio-hydrogen using its sea weed filled carbon wells. The station is well equipped with solar panels and hydro-turbines that capture tidal energy to keep it running.

Via: Treehugger

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