Bio-diesel hybrid Beetle rolls down the street using solar energy

May 13, 2010 / No Comments

Beetle is a wonderful small car that is etched in the memories of the people for the manner in which it outshone other cars in the days gone by. Beetle has evolved gradually and though nothing much has changed in it other than a few nips and tucks, a group of six engineers who call themselves EcoHawks have envisioned a plug in hybrid future for the wonder bug.beetle Bio diesel hybrid Beetle rolls down the street using solar energy

The group has built a solar charging station with the aim of making the bio-diesel Beetle roll down the street using solar energy. To remove the car off the grid, these engineers installed six mono crystalline solar cells on the roof of their workshop. The solar panels are then used to charge a battery which the car plugs into whenever it needs a charge. While they still need to figure out the time taken to recharge the batteries fully, only station can plug-in only two cars.

Ambitious as the group seems, they also want to connect the car to a larger power grid and integrate a wind turbine into the charging station. Basically, they aim to develop a practical design which can be used by a consumer.

Via: Wired