IBM’s intelligent traffic light system helps improve fuel efficiency

May 31, 2010 / No Comments

IBM has come up with a novel plan to redeem those habitual to wasting fuel on the traffic signals by keeping their engines running until the signal goes green instead of turning it off.  The company has applied patent for a new technology that would stop or start engines at the traffic intersections with the aim to improve fuel efficiency.IBM Light IBM’s intelligent traffic light system helps improve fuel efficiency

The traffic light system that helps to move intelligently and efficiently determines the position of vehicles in a queue standing at the red signal. It then finds verifies the time left in signal elapse, and if this time limit exceeds a fixed threshold  of set minutes then the traffic light signals the engines to stop. When the signal turns green, the traffic light would send star engine notification to the front vehicle in the row which would then be sent to the second vehicle in the queue and carried forth at an optimal time. While the company aims to install the system at the intersections, railway crossings, or other transportation signals, the method sounds promising at a time when increasing vehicular traffic would not only cause longer waits but also increase fuel wastage at the traffic signals with the engines kept running for long or turned on too often.

Via: Discovery News/ Physorg