National Semi’s Solar Magic technology increases energy generation by 20%

June 2, 2010 / No Comments

Our dependence on eco-friendly products has been rising with the development of ever-new technologies, which push the efficiency factor of new product launches. Harnessing solar energy to meet electrical needs on both macro and micro scale is fast becoming a rage because its’ eco-friendly and helps you detach from the grid. Solar Magic technology is yet another promising feat in the arena, which guarantees to give a boost to our already existing solar energy generating capacity.sukhmani National Semi’s Solar Magic technology increases energy generation by 20%

Although introduced last year as an add-on for the existing solar panel systems, National Semi’s has noe developed a chipset, which can be readily integrated into the solar panel architecture to increase the amount of power produced by the same amount of sunlight. Solar magic accomplishes this by overcoming inconsistencies in solar panels, such as panels remaining in shade, getting dusty and even design flaws, which substantially reduces their efficiency and power output. Solar Magic helps beat the discrepancies by ensuring that same amount of voltage and current flows through every single solar panel, thereby increasing the overall flow of energy from the entire panel array by at least 20%. The boost, which comes at a price of about 12 cents per watt extra, makes it worthy for utility-scale arrays.

National Semi would be demonstrated at Intersolar Europe, a major industry conference, in Munich at the end of this month.

Via: GreenBeat

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