New York City Kicks Off Unique Clothing Recycling Program

July 8, 2010 / No Comments

Post September 2010 if you are out in New York City, chances are that you would be contributing to initiatives aimed at turning the globe green. During the month, New York City will be throwing open one of the largest textile-recycling initiatives in the US. It has been pointed out that more than 1,90,000 tons of textiles had been used in landfills in 2008 alone in New York.

nyclothesrecycle New York City Kicks Off Unique Clothing Recycling Program

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that  black bags at the landfills have been stuffed with clothing, which otherwise would have been good for recycling. NY City plans to place 50 collection bins in high-traffic areas so that people simply wouldn’t throw clothes down landfills to get rid of them.

As part of making people aware that it is always good to recycle than just dump their once worn clothes, NY is inviting bids for a 10- to 15-year contract with a nonprofit company so that they can place collection bins across the state. An AFP report that has quotes Goodwill Industries International – one of the companies bidding for the contract – says Goodwill is mostly looking for clothing that can be resold, there are ways to recycle even the old tattered pieces. Most of the clothes  that find their home down dumps in the landfills are barely worn shirts, dresses and shoes. Those items can be donated to the needy too. Now that New York is leading the way with such a unique campaign, it remains to be seen if the entire nation would follow suit. We hope they too will.

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