Mowing Lawns While The Sun Shines

July 21, 2010 / No Comments

Gone are the days when the perfect day was peppered with the agony of having to mow the lawn. The new Flowcut Solarmower saves you a lot of effort and time and also the potential for you to savor those perfect weekends. The solarmower uses sunlight to cut your grass. A photovoltaic panel on the machine, collects solar energy and powers the mower’s engine and rotary blade to cut grass. This means no more plugging in, no more keeping track of wires, and best of all, no putting the lawn mower away. This is one mower that you are supposed to leave outside so it can soak up as much sunlight as it possibly can.

flowcutlawnmower Mowing Lawns While The Sun Shines

The icing on the cake is the fact that the mower maneuvers itself to mow the lawn, thus removing the need for a human being to be behind the machine to control it. It has a laser sensor positioned at the front and rear, which automatically detects when to stop and turn while mowing the lawn.

What’s more, using this self mowing mower is always better for your grass – the machine has a compartment that collects rainwater and mixes it with natural grass nutrients and then redistributes the mixture on the lawn while it mows. So now, it looks like all lawn lovers will have to do is buy the FlowCut SolarMower and place it on their lawns and let nature and technology take care of the rest!
(Via Inhabitat)

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