Generate Energy From Flush Water!

July 27, 2010 / No Comments

More good news for green enthusiasts! A new device has been created that is designed to harvest water from waste water that falls inside the pipes of high rise buildings. The device has been designed by Tom Broadbent, who is a design graduate at Leicester de Montfort University.

hydropower Generate Energy From Flush Water!

Called the HighDro Power, the device uses the water that is discharged from showers, sinks and toilets in high rise buildings. Working on the same principles as any hydro electric dam, the HighDro Power generates energy from the force of the falling waste water. The water that is discharged from high rise building falls down through the pipe and falls on four turbine blades that in turn work one generator.

The device is handy – can be fitted easily into a bathroom; and works to transform even the flushing of the toilet into energy that can be utilized. The inventor says he was inspired to create the device as a result of the targets set by the G8 summit that challenged governments of the world to reduce fossil fuel dependence and carbon dioxide emissions. He says that watching a bath empty itself of water with force and speed gave him the idea for the HighDro Power.

The device and inventor now have plans to publicize themselves further, hoping that they will win recognition from the Dyson Awards and also plan to enter the Kevin McCloud Green Heroes Award. This is one design that could make a marked difference in small little steps.

(Via Inhabitat)

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