Green Graveyards To Cut Funeral Costs

August 10, 2010 / 1 Comment

 With natural burial grounds growing in popularity globally, an Irish company aims to combines all the provisions of a natural ground with environmental friendly practices. What’s more, the process could mean that funeral costs could be greatly reduced.

grave Green Graveyards To Cut  Funeral Costs

The Green Graveyard company will be Ireland’s first environmentally friendly graveyard. The area covers 7.5 areas on the slopes of the Blackstairs Mountains between the villages of Kiltealy and Killane, about 12 miles from Enniscorthy. The graveyard is to run in a completely sustainable manner, and will accommodate all peoples.

Traditional coffins will be substituted with eco friendly caskets, and plots will be a lot cheaper than what is available now, say the owners. For those who wish to be cremated, traditional urns will be replaced by eco-urns that are made from 100% recycled paper. And in place of the usual marble headstone and concrete that is present at most graves, the Green Graveyard aims to put up a native Irish tree to mark the grave, and a small marker of either wood or local quarried stone, which is to be no higher than 12 inches. The idea is reported to already have received extremely positive feedback from the public, and the first funerals are expected to happen in October.

(Via Irish Times)

It is expected that as traditional graveyards run out of room, more people will be turning to natural burial grounds. The Green Graveyard is already in the process of acquiring more property throughout Ireland to fashion into more burial grounds. Natural burial grounds account for about 32% of all burials in the UK.