Toshiba’s Ecofriendly LCD TVs on a Global Jaunt

August 10, 2010 / 2 Comments

toshiba lcd Toshibas Ecofriendly LCD TVs on a Global Jaunt

Toshiba’s new market strategy seems to be to go ‘green’ to appeal to the customer. In the foreign LCD market, the company is seeking to add to its brand value by playing up the design and environmental performance of their product.

 Toshiba will be introducing a series of value-added models, especially in the U.S. and Europe this year. The word is that the new products will be 46- and 55-inch sets, which are based on the F1 which comes out in Japan later this month. Each country will have modification and specifications to match the region.

For the 46-inch F1, annual power consumption is put at 160kwh of power, which rates as being among the least for a 3D video compatible TV set. The set is thinner (29mm)than the conventional LCD TV set – and as a result packaging will weigh 33 per cent less than that of a conventional 46-inch set.

The new sets have new designs – from Jacob Jensen. The combination of classic good looks and great green performance, the company hopes, will prove to draw customers in. The company anticipates that global sales volume will show 15 million units in fiscal 2010, up 50 per cent on the year, due to these new changes.

(Via TradingMarkets)