Harness Solar Energy Through Spray on Film

August 11, 2010 / No Comments

A remarkable new technology breakthrough has been made by a Norwegian company EnSol AS. They have come up with a solar film that can be sprayed onto windows, which will enable them to generate solar power, without compromising on the view.

solarfilm Harness Solar Energy Through Spray on Film

Reports say that the spray on material consists of nanoparticles that are embedded in a transparent composite matrix. The best news of all is – it can be sprayed onto the rest of the house as well, not just on the windows.

What sets the technology apart from others that provide ultra thin solar cells is that the coating can be built into the windows or other parts of the building exterior during the manufacturing process. And the spray on factor means that it can even be used on the roofs of vehicles to charge batteries.

The biggest advantage is that now, it’s not the rooftop of a building that can harness solar energy – now, the whole house can! According to EnSol AS, the product will be available at reasonable prices by 2016.

(Via Inhabitat)

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