Amazing Solar School From Old Armory Building

August 30, 2010 / No Comments

An old cold war army barrack has been transformed into a solar powered school in Wolf Hagen, Germany. The energy efficient, modern school is an outstanding example of integrating the concepts of green architecture, education and passing on green concepts to the younger generation as they engage in conventional education.

armorygreen Amazing Solar School From Old Armory Building

Formerly used as a tank armory, the building now has a school campus underneath. The roof is a stunning sight – with 5000 square meters of the panes covered with thin film solar modules.

These are of 1-micron thickness, which makes them semi translucent, allowing light to flood into the building without making it too harsh or hot.

The sidewalls have windows that open automatically to allow natural ventilation and fresh air to flow freely into the school. The construction has kept intact the original concrete floor and support beams of the 4,400 square meter building.

Classrooms are modular and highly insulated, and have climate control facilities. This reduces the energy load vastly. The newly opened school is the first in a project that will use the existing buildings located on the site to create a science and learning center.

(Via Inhabitat)

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