Apple is IDC’s Top Eco-friendly Phone Maker; LG, Nokia and Samsung Follow Suit

September 3, 2010 / No Comments

A study report by International Data Corporation [IDC] has revealed that Apple has been rated as the most eco-friendly phone maker. Next on the list are LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson in order of eco-friendliness.

Apple iPhone1 Apple is IDC’s Top Eco friendly Phone Maker;  LG, Nokia and Samsung Follow Suit

Apple has come out topping the list largely due to the fact that the iPhones are made of heavily recyclable materials. Apple also offers recycling in 95 percent of the countries that the iPhone is sold.

In second place, LG’s eco-friendly advantage is the power management of its phones, Nokia’s green point came from recyclable materials, Samsung’s trump card was reduction of toxins, and Sony Ericsson green contribution was eco-friendly green packaging.

A similar study by U.K. carrier O2 showed that Palm Pre Plus and LG Etna are the least eco-friendly phone models at present. Their list had Sony Ericsson on top.

(Via WWW)