Yahoo Computing Coop Eco-friendly Data Center Logs On

September 20, 2010 / No Comments

Yahoo is opening its eco-friendly data center in Lockport, New York. The massive structure comprises three data center halls attached to a main operation center and the design will look more or less like giant chicken coops and hence christened ‘The Yahoo Computing Coop’.

yahoodatacenter Yahoo Computing Coop Eco friendly Data Center Logs On

The radical design is seen as helping to reduce the energy expenses by 40%. Situated near the Niagara water falls, the company hopes to replace its chiller machine which is used for cooling the equipments. The long and narrow halls of the center are angled toward the direction of the wind. Thus the entire structure will be cooled by the air blowing from outside.

The design allows temperature and airflow inside to be closely controlled. Moreover, the complex will be primarily run by hydroelectric power, which is a renewable source of energy, available in the local utility, New York Power Authority.

The company is experimenting with its own server designs too. They will make use of an evaporative cooling system during hot weather. The data center has got a PUE of 1.08 according to the PUE (power usage effectiveness) index. The PUE shows how much of the total energy to the facility goes directly to the IT equipments, versus other uses like cooling. Thus, the center uses only 10% of its power for cooling purposes.

Yahoo was granted $9.9 million by the United States Department of Energy for construction of the data center. The operation center is expected to generate 125 full-time job opportunities. The design of the building bears stark resemblance to Hewlett-Packard’s new building under construction.

Yahoo has applied for patent for its design, layout and unique method of air circulation inside. The design of this data center also bears testimony to the fact that such green designs cost less than traditional kind of centers to build. The data center will run yahoo services like mail, messenger and flickr.

The center was inaugurated on Monday by the chief executive officer of Yahoo group Carol Bartz. New York Governor David Patterson and U.S. Senator Charles Schumer were also present during the ribbon cutting ceremony. Yahoo expects to complete two additional halls attached to this data center in six months.

(Via PCWorld)