Eco Entrepreneurs Green up Your Cell and Broadband Life

October 20, 2010 / No Comments

Did you realize that you can help protect the environment with your cell and broadband? As Eco Entrepreneurs on the net and chatting on the cell all day it is your duty to get the waste to the minimum! While many people have taken steps toward conserving electricity in their homes and have made other eco-friendly efforts, fewer realize just how much high tech gadgets contribute to environmental degradation.

eco laptop Eco Entrepreneurs Green up Your Cell and Broadband Life

Discarded cell phones alone are estimated to account for about 65,000 tons of toxic waste each year. In total, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that there is about 2.25 million tons of high tech waste discarded annually and that only about 18 percent of that is recycled. Most of the rest of this highly toxic garbage ends up in landfills.

green laptop Eco Entrepreneurs Green up Your Cell and Broadband Life

By using green practices with our high tech devices like cell phones and laptops, we can make significant contributions toward preserving our environment.

Recycle your Cell

By simply taking care that our cell phones do not end up in garbage dumps, we can go a long way in preventing high tech pollution.

One option that can end up making you money is to sell your phone. Many companies refurbish used cell phones and resell them in poorer countries or in poorer rural areas of developed countries. These phones end up contributing to the economic well-being in these areas.

Fortunately many companies that specialize in refurbishing cell phones have websites so you can easily find them from the comfort of your personal computer or mobile device using major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Most of these websites provide lists of used phones that they are interested in purchasing. Once you find a buyer for your phone, you will normally fill out a request form and the company will send a special padded envelope for you to mail the phone. Once the phone is inspected, the company will send your payment. In some cases in which the phone cannot be repaired, recycling companies can use the parts or materials.

Another option to selling your phone is to donate to a cell phone collection organization. Many charitable groups accept cell phone donations as do manufacturers, recyclers and other organizations. Often these companies have mobile phone erasers that will remove your personal data from the cell phone memory storage.

Examples of charitable organizations that accept cell phone donations include The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Phones For Life, Donate A Phone, and Cell Phones for Soldiers. Stores like Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot and Radio Shack offer mobile phone recycling bins where you can simply toss your unwanted phone for recycling.

Consolidate your Devices with a Smartphone

Instead of having multiple audio-visual devices like music players, game players and cameras, consider using a single capable smartphone that incorporates the capabilities of all these devices. The newest smartphones often have high quality lens that allow you to take pictures at qualities rivaling those of digital cameras. By reducing the number of electronic gadgets you possess, you help reduce the need for high tech recycling and remediation.

Consider SIM Card Only Packages

Rather than discarding or recycling your phone every time you change carriers, you can purchase SIM card only deals instead. In this way, you can often simply use your new SIM card with the old mobile phone. In addition, SIM cards often offer better deals than other short-term plans.

Use renewable energy

Many high speed internet companies now provide chargers for cell phones and laptops that use renewable sources including solar and kinetic energy. Nokia recently released a bike-powered cell phone charger that allows you to charge while pedaling around on your bicycle. You can even find advanced fuel cell phone chargers like Toshiba’s Dynario Direct Methanol Fuel Source (DMFS) device. Solar laptop chargers can often be fitted to your laptop carrying case although there are larger, more capable chargers than can be fitted to a backpack.

Use Green Broadband Incentives

In order to attract customers away from their competition, many companies offer green incentives for their broadband services. Incentives can include planting trees or contributing to nature conservation organizations whenever a customer signs up for a company’s broadband service. Apple, for example, offers 100 percent recyclable laptops for customers who choose their broadband service. Many websites allow you to compare the incentives and overall packages of broadband providers.