Bungo Box Helps the Planet When You Move House

November 11, 2010 / 1 Comment

A new company called BungoBox has made widely appreciated innovations in the moving and packing sector – they have made moving house less stressful, simpler and much more eco-friendly than it used to be. How do they do it? They use Bungo Boxes.

bungo Bungo Box Helps the Planet When You Move House

Many home owners have been overwhelmed by just the process of acquiring cardboard boxes to pack their belongings in, and have been hassled by the process of getting rid of the boxes once the move is over. Bungo Box, a brand new company – launched in March 2010, offers customers a whole new option. The eco-friendly and cost effective option that it offers are durable, stackable and sustainable plastic containers. These are made of completely recyclable materials and can be delivered to the customer before a move and are picked up after the move is finished.

Customers who used the service say that the boxes made their move more organized and environmentally safe. Most of them are just pleased that there is green option now available to them, and are thrilled that now they can move without generating waste and can do it cheaper.
The owners of Bungo Box say they took several factors into consideration when they came up with this service. The green factor was the most obvious, but they also were struck by how much more convenient and cost effective this method was. They are well aware that if they were eco-friendly, yet more expensive, they would find it hard to find many takers. Also, since moving a house can be very challenging, they wanted to help the customer get as organized as possible.
The company’s website states that cardboard accounts for 41% of landfills in the US. A Bungo Box s good for 400 uses and when it’s done, it is completely recycled. The service is currently gaining popularity in Central Florida, and has had customers expressing their amazement that something that could have such a huge impact on the environment is being solved so simply.

And for a company to have the qualities of eco-friendliness, sustainability, reusability and affordability is definitely the most perfect way to merge business and helping the planet, which is sure to have a lasting effect on the way people move houses from hereon.

(Via Seminole Voice)