China’s Shenzen Aims at 35,000 EVs On the Streets in 3 Years

November 15, 2010 / No Comments

China is clearly committed to the green revolution. After a myriad new plans and schemes covering renewable energy generation, environmental transportation and such have been implemented and announced, the momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

evforshenzen China’s Shenzen Aims at 35,000 EVs On the Streets in 3 Years

The city of Shenzen has recently announced that it is aiming to be more low-carbon. The Mayor of Shenzen was addressing the C40 Hong Kong Workshop when he said that the city was entering a more mature development period and planned to expand public transportation, focus on constructing eco-friendly buildings, decrease investments in sectors that were consuming more energy and would actively encourage the residents of the city to live in a more eco-friendly and sustainable manner.

Most importantly, the city plans to make huge changes in the vehicles plying its streets. Shenzen will have charging stations installed throughout the city, to encourage and facilitate the people to shift to using electric vehicles.

Focusing on a Shenzen, which after 30 years of rapid growth, desires to be eco-friendly, the vice-mayor said that they expect to see the number of registered EVs in the city to hit the 35,000 figure within the coming here years.

Although this seems like wishful thinking to many, with China one can never tell. Shenzen’s population now stands at nine million and having 35,000 EVs in a population of that size seems possible.

(Via China Daily)

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