Taiwan to Usher in More Eco-Friendly Laws

November 22, 2010 / No Comments

The Taiwanese government is focusing on getting more environmental rules in place after facing a wave of protests over several issues from environmentally conscious citizens. The government is considering implementing green reforms faster than they had earlier envisioned, spurred on by these citizen demands.

taiwan Taiwan to Usher in More Eco Friendly Laws

Nevertheless, for a country like Taiwan it will be a tightrope walk for some time since they need to ensure that the implementation of these new rules will not adversely affect the economic growth that is so crucial to Taiwanese economy.

However, having a green image will definitely work in Taiwan’s favor especially in the Western markets.

Government officials in Taiwan say that they are aware that a balance needs to be struck between the short term interests of economic development and the long term advantages that can be obtained from environmental protection.

So the focus is on concretely phasing out industries that cause pollution and become part of international trading schemes.

The peoples’ protests that have contributed to the speeding up of the green policies have progressively been getting bigger. A rally that took place on November 13 had 8,000 people participating.

They were protesting the fact that an oil refinery complex was sanctioned to be built on the west coast of Taiwan, which would contribute to harming dolphins and also would cause air pollution.

Taiwan currently occupies a prime position among Asian economies, following the aggressive industrialization of the country that took place in the 1980s.

The government is being forced to look at and review existing policies and bring into place more stringent laws when it comes to the environment.

The protests that have had participation from many layers of Taiwanese society have been effective in several cases. A lawsuit filed by farmers and environmentalists to curtail the growth of a science park has resulted in the park being asked to resubmit plans to the government after reevaluating the environmental impacts of this expansion.

What the new moves mean is that many industries that are working in Taiwan will be forced to invest in improving their factories and technologies.

In turn, the country will have a better corporate image and also a cleaner greener place to inhabit.

(Via TaipeiTimes)