Sonex All-Electric Aircraft Takes Off

December 16, 2010 / No Comments

Adding to the increasing number of electric aircraft  that are on test flight mode, the all-electric Sonex aircraft has successfully completed its first flight. The electric air craft completed the fete at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh.

Sonex7 Sonex All Electric Aircraft Takes Off

A standard Waiex kit aircraft modified by bringing in E-Flight electric power components, Sonex has incorporated a E-Flight 54kw brushless DC electric motor, E-Flight electronic motor controller and  a 14.5kw-hr lithium polymer battery system. Besides, the aircraft also boasts of an E-Flight battery management system .

In the cockpit was Sonex Founder and E-Flight team leader John Monnett who demonstrated the flight take off.

He was successful enough in bringing about a short test run and flight that marked the culmination of four years of development by the E-Flight design team .

With the test successful, the team is now looking at a flight envelope expansion plan. As per the plan, they will get on stream work on the motor v4.0 design and motor controller v12.0, to be integrated on N270DC.

Since the electric flight project was first made public back in 2007, the research and development had included bringing in new technologies into the project.

The team now hopes to make use of electric aircraft on a regular basis.

(Via Inhabitat)