Syria’s Water Scarcity Park Set to Prove Life Can Be Lived Well with Less Water

December 27, 2010 / No Comments

Water scarcity has turned out to be Syria’s largest problem and this realization seems to have spurred some kind of a noble effort from the government level.

syria cotton crop desert Syrias Water Scarcity Park Set to Prove Life Can Be Lived Well with Less Water

The Syrian administration has been doing all it can to combat drought, but nature’s fury has clamped down all such efforts.

A new innovative approach has been kick-started and it proves life can be lived well with less water too.

Most of the nation’s villages are now barren lands, and people have migrated to distant lands. A model park filled with drought-resistant plants has come up in Dummar, a suburb of Damascus.

The model park works in such a way that it puts to use drip irrigation techniques for sustenance of the environment.

Spread across 1,000-square-meters, the ‘water scarcity park’ has been built to harvest rainwater. It also deploys solar power to generate electricity to pump water for irrigation.

The system draws water directly from it sources and takes it the plants through a network of pipes with small holes. By doing this, it has been ensured that water waste is minimal.

If the park turns out to be a successful venture, the whole of Middle East could emulate this. The Syrian drought has been termed by the United Nations as the “largest internal displacement in the Middle East in recent years”.

The Middle East has already taken note of the scene and the danger behind such scarcity of water.

The water scarcity park could well prove to be an example of how to effectively combat such a situation.

(Via Treehugger)