Going Green in the Cigarette Segment with Green Smoke

January 10, 2011 / 3 Comments

Smoker behavior seldom seems to change – except for the manner they choose their cigarettes. Cigarettes too are adapting themselves to greener environs.

greensmoke1 Going Green in the Cigarette Segment with Green Smoke

Green Cigarette, a new website, founded by James Oliver, provides all information about electronic cigarettes and how they can be a practical alternative against regular tobacco smoking.

This website gives all the necessary details of green cigarettes, also called e-cigarette.  Greencigarette.net talks in detail about the green cigarette launched by Green Smoke.

How does the green cigarette differ from ordinary cigarettes?  In the case of ordinary cigarettes, a smoker inhales carcinogens, tar and thousands of other toxic chemicals that result from burning tobacco.  These are apart from the smoke that is inhaled.

Green Smoke has come up with the green cigarette alternative by providing a solution to this problem. The new e-cigarette not only does away with the smoke, but also replaces smoke with a water-based vapor that offers users nicotine minus the toxins.

The Green Smoke electronic cigarette also comes about as very different from the regular breed of e-cigarettes. The new models, unlike the regular e-cigarettes, have only two parts and not three.

The parts include a  cartridge and an integrated battery and atomizer, thereby helping the user  easily replace and assemble the gadget.