Oak Casks Made Up into Hotel Rooms

February 2, 2011 / No Comments

For the wine lovers among us, The De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel in the Netherlands is offering a rare treat in the lodging arena. They have rooms wherein to sleep inside old wine barrels – in fact, there are four of them.

winehotel1 Oak Casks Made Up into Hotel Rooms

These are aged wine casks from Switzerland converted in to cozy rooms. The oak casks previously occupied 15,000 liters of Beaujolais wine from the French chateau. The barrels were mounted on trucks and brought over to Stavoren.

The barrel provides ample space for 2 narrow beds and gets a TV, radio shower and toilet. Apart from this there is a common porch cum sitting room upfront to give you spacious feeling. The old casks make great rooms to live in, considering their strength and air tight seals.

winehotel2 Oak Casks Made Up into Hotel Rooms

The average rates for a cask-room are from 74- 119 Euros per night and seasonal discounts of up to 75% are obtainable. During winter the rates fall to 18 Euros a night, cheaper than most other alternatives. Breakfasts are included and your dogs are also permitted.

(Via Inhabitat)