Think to up Delivery of City Electric Delivery Vans!

February 2, 2011 / No Comments

Think is increasing its lineup of City cars with two urban delivery vans. The two new models are specifically launched to meet the large demand for efficient, small electric powered delivery vehicles in congested and urban cities. The 2 models will be launched between now and end of the year.

ThinkCity Think to up Delivery of City Electric Delivery Vans!

The first model is called Think City N1, which can carry up to 237 Kg/700 L and is bound for major tax deductions in many markets. Think Compact will be the second model and will have increased storage of 900 L. This model was developed as part of a large tender for the French Government’s UGAP program. Already possible Spanish and other buyers have emerged, this must be really encouraging signs for Think..

Last year, the company introduced the first City 2+2 model, the new fourth generation EV drive controller technology, air conditioning as standard across all markets, ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) as standard, homologation for sale in the U.S.

The company foresees great prospect for Electric vans such as City. Customers could range from city authorities, small businesses to postal deliveries. Year 2010 had been a landmark year for the company with development of Think City and its production in US making a foothold in new markets. The company aims to make even bigger strides in 2011.

With Think facing little competition and introducing new ideal products, we can be rest assured there’s more to come from this humble company.

(Via Autobloggreen)