Water Building Resort to Feature Equipment that Converts Air into Purified Water

February 11, 2011 / 2 Comments

What is known as the most astounding, yet innovative architectural marvel, is all set to convert air into nothing but pure water. The Water Building Resort is the first of its kind and intends to do the above said process with the help of solar energy.

waterbuildingresort Water Building Resort to Feature Equipment that Converts Air into Purified Water

The resort itself, as you see, is in the form of a water droplet. The structure features a sunny and southerly facing façade. It is made up of photovoltaic glass. This will help in harnessing the solar energy.

The façade of the building facing northwards features a latticed design for ventilation. It has got the Teex Micron equipment. This will help in the core job of converting humid air and condensation into pure drinking water.

The other features incorporated in the structure include a water treatment facility, situated in the ground floor. This is for the purpose of purifying salty sea and rain water.

The structure also houses a center of technological investigation along with this control and certifies the quality of the water. The building is also provided with restaurants, gyms, exhibition halls, hotel, conference rooms as well as spa and these will be there on the upper floors.

Well, all these are environment- friendly and are based on renewable energy as well as the theme of water.

As an addition to the theme of the structure, it will have an underwater aquarium to be placed at its base. Not to mention, the building is exclusively designed for construction in warm and humid coasts.

(Via Inhabitat)