Sustainable Ecopolis Plaza in Madrid

February 17, 2011 / No Comments

Well, this public facility, called the Plaza Ecopolis in Madrid, is simply an exemplary sustainable design. The structure, in a way, is also the perfect way to popularize the principals of green design.

Ecopolis Plaza Sustainable Ecopolis Plaza in Madrid

Conceived by the Ecosistema Urbano, the building is equipped with facilities that add to the fact that sustainable design can provide comfort, space and light, that too while consuming much lesser units of energy. The yellow façade, as seen in the photograph, has got an awesomely built structure just behind it. It is said that the building has kept the material use to a minimum. It is estimated that the plaza uses 35% less material than typical projects of its size.

Moreover, it plays too many roles in the community. It is considered to be an “open environmental classroom” as well. Apart from this, it serves as a childcare center, a recreation center, and an open air plaza. Layers of materials were utilized to create the sort of unique environment inside the structure.

The layers of structures begin with the canopy placed on the exterior part. It is further stretched along a steel skeleton and these many features add to the energy saving consideration of the project.

The canopy is placed for the purpose of letting in the light. But at the same time, it blocks the intense sun. It has also got circular light tubes on the roof as well as a subterranean courtyard for more light and air.

(Via Inhabitat)